Postdoctoral researcher Dr Rebecca Jones with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) setting up an experimental restoration planting of E. morrisbyi at the declining Calverts Hill site. The planting is one part of a collaborative project between UTAS, NRM South, Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, DPIPWE, CVA/Understorey Network, Threatened Plants Tasmania and the Royal Botanical Gardens of Tasmania, which aims to help secure this critically endangered species.



National Eucalypt Day 2018



Telling stories about the early French collections of eucalypts beside the Tasmanian floral emblem, Eucalyptus globulus on National Eucalypt Day (23 March 2018). The authors of the popular eucalypt field guide “Eucaflip”, Professor Brad Potts and Dr Rob Wiltshire, conducted a tour of notable eucalypts growing in the gardens of the Sandy Bay campus.






Eucalypt leaves contain tannins and flavonoids that are released by heat to produce fixed dyes. Dr Gay McKinnon (artist and eucalypt geneticist) demonstrated eco-dyeing at the 2018 National Eucalypt Day morning tea. Our aim was to make a silk version of the popular field guide “Eucaflip”.


RRR_group_photo (002).jpg

ARC Centre for Forest Value Postdoctoral fellow Dr Tanya Bailey and students Stuart MacDonald, Claire Ranyard, Nicolo’ Camarretta, Yolanda Hanusch and Akira Weller-Wong attended the “Restore Regenerate Revegetate” conference at the University of New England, Armidale NSW from  5th-9th of February 2017. Tanya gave an oral presentation “Is local best? Testing forest tree provenancing strategies using field trials embedded in restoration plantings in Tasmania” in the seed genetics and management symposium and Stuart presented his talk on “Recalcitrant soil C:N ratios, alternate states persist in woodland restoration” in the Soils and Restoration symposium. Posters by Claire, Nicolo’, Yolanda and Akira were well received. From left to right: Sebastian Burgess (Greening Australia), Yolanda Hanusch, Claire Ranyard, Akira Weller-Wong, Nicolo’ Camarretta, Tanya Bailey, Stuart MacDonald and Neal Davidson (Greening Australia).



Members of the group in 2006, after a day planting trees for Corey Hudson’s PhD



Mario Vega celebrating the awarding of his PhD  (12/8/2016), with his supervisors Mathew Hamilton, Chris Harwood and Brad Potts.



Rebecca Jones and Dorothy Steane at our group’s 2016 National Eucalypt Day display (Photo: Rob Wiltshire).


Our National Eucalypt Day celebrations included a rare chance to taste the famous Eucalyptus liqueur made by the Trappist monks of the Tre Fontane Abbey in Rome (Eucalittino delle Tre Fontane). Our group’s DNA work tracked the origin of the trees growing at the Abbey to south east Tasmania (via France) (Photo: Rebecca Jones).


Weird and wonderful eucalypt reproductive structures on display – collected from Dean Nicolle’s Currency Creek Arboretum (Photo: Rebecca Jones).


Dr. Rebecca Jones, Prof. Pauline Ladiges (University of Melbourne), Dr. Suzanne Prober (CSIRO), Dr. Tanya Bailey and Prof. Brad Potts at the 2016 Bjarne K. Dahl Trust – Royal Society of Victoria eucalypt symposium ‘Conserving Eucalypts – the why and the how‘. Pauline Ladiges has a long history in the study of eucalypt adaptation, evolution and historical biogeography and is one of the members of the Bjarne K. Dahl Trust Board of Managing Trustees. Suzanne Prober is an ecophysiologist who collaborates with Dr. Dot Steane on the genetic basis of adaptation in Australian native woodland species. Presentations included themes of eucalypt evolution and climate change response, insights into the future of Australian forests, woodlands and biota.


Peter Harrison presents his poster “Identifying seed provenances using climate analogues” at the 2016 Species on the Move International Conference. (Photo: D. Steane)

Chrissy and Adam's graduation Dec 2016.JPG

Christina Borzac  and Adam McKiernan at their PhD graduation ceremony in December 2015 with their happy supervisors Julianne O’Reilly-Wapstra and Brad Potts.


Post-planting photo of the revegetation site at Connorville, near Cressy (Photo: Peter Harrison)

Libby, Suzanne and Dot 060216

Enjoying the wide open spaces of Greening Australia’s restoration plantings near Ross, Tasmania, are CSIRO ecophysiologists Libby Pinkard and Suzanne Prober, and UTAS/CSIRO geneticist Dorothy Steane.  These scientists are key members of a newly formed collaboration between CSIRO and the University of Tasmania that is investigating the genetic basis of adaptation in Australian native woodland species.  (Photo: B. Potts, 06/02/2016)


Dr Rebecca Jones and undergraduate Inger Visby assessing the purity of seed collected from the critically endangered Eucalyptus morrisbyi (Photo: Rob Wiltshire)

Peter cordi-min

Peter Harrison at Hellfire Bluff, a beautiful spot overlooking Marion Bay, Tasmania, collecting specimens of the Tasmanian endemic Eucalyptus cordata for his Honours project (Photo: Rebecca Jones)


Sampling E. globulus at Port Davey in Western Tasmania (Photo by Dot Steane)

crossing CCA.JPG

Matt Larcombe pollinating eucalypts at Currency Creek Arboretum

SA bicostata 016.jpg

Land manager David McDonald, Rebecca JonesRene Vaillancourt and Brad Potts at an ancient E. bicostata population at Mt Bryan, South Australia (Photo: Wendy Potts).

nadgee 3.JPG

Martyn Lavery of Arianda Pty Ltd on a field trip helping PhD student Rebecca Jones collect bluegums (E. globulus) at the isolated Nadgee River, NSW.


Rene Vaillancourt and Brad Potts at Projection Bluff, Tasmania (Photo: Rebecca Jones)


Rebecca Jones collecting bluegums at Jenolan Caves, NSW  (Photo: James Marthick)


A sad state of affairs for E. gunnii ssp. divaricata at Shannon Lagoon, Tas. (Photo: Rebecca Jones)


euc group 2011

Eucalypt research group 2011. Clockwise from top left: Adam McKiernan, Brad Potts, Rene Vaillancourt, Matthew Hamilton, Rebecca Jones, Jen Schweitzer, Natasha Wiggins, Jules Freeman, Guy Roussel, Peter Harrison, ???, Archana Gauli, Julianne O’Reilly-Wapstra, Dot Steane, Matt Larcombe, Joe Bailey, Paul Tilyard.