Tree Breeding

While native to Australia and islands to its north, eucalypts are now grown in over 100 countries for diverse purposes ranging from bio-chemicals to pulpwood production. In Australia the major plantation eucalypts are Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens and while initially established as a pulpwood resource there is now increasing interest in the use of these plantations for other purposes including bioenergy, timber and veneer production. We have been one of the major providers of research backing the breeding and deployment of eucalypts in Australia. We are a research member of the Southern Tree Breeding Association (STBA) which is responsible for the Australian National Eucalyptus globulus breeding program. We work closely with quantitative geneticists in the genetic evaluation and breeding service provider PlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd who are research associates of UTAS. We have strong collaboration with Australia’s major plantation companies, including Forestry Tasmania, who have provided many field sites for our genetic experiments in close proximity to UTAS. We also collaborate with the seed producers such as seedEnergy Pty Ltd, who have advanced seed production facilities close to UTAS.

We are looking for Honours and PhD students in projects such as:

Contact: Brad Potts or René Vaillancourt

Grafted seed orchard managed by seedEnergy

Mass Supplementary Pollination in a grafted Eucalyptus globulus seed orchard managed by seedEnergy (Photo: )


seed orchard1

Peter Gore in an Eucalyptus globulus seedling seed orchard (Photo: )


flower crop.jpg

Heavy flowering in a grafted Eucalyptus globulus tree treated with paclobutrazol (Photo: )