Past students and destinations

2015 – Christina Borzac (PhD). Defensive chemistry and resistance of eucalypts .

2015 – Adam McKiernan (PhD). The effects of soil water deficit on physiological, morphological and chemical traits of Eucalyptus.  (Honours 2010 – Effects of genetics and environmental factors on E. pauciflora traits).  Now Research Scientist (Weed Science) with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

2015 – Yoshiaki Kohno (Honours). Genetic and environmental factors affecting establishment of eucalypt seedlings in restoration plantings.

2015 – Jordan Whitmore (Honours). Parallel adaptations of Eucalyptus species to the dry Midlands region of Tasmania.

2014 – Matthew Larcombe (PhD). Exotic gene flow from plantation to native eucalypts. Now Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Botany Department, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

2014 – Archana Gauli (PhD). Genetic diversity and adaptation in Eucalyptus pauciflora.

2014 – Ally Pasanen (Honours). Genetic variation in the phenotypic plasticity of Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. pauciflora Sieb. ex Spreng.

2014 – Yiping Chen (Honours). DNA fingerprinting in Eucalyptus dunnii.

2013 – Helen Stephens (PhD). The effects of different forestry practices on two native rodent species, the swamp rat (Rattus lutreolus) and the long-tailed mouse (Pseudomys higginsi). Now working at the Office of Research Services, UTAS, assisting staff and students with funding applications.

2013 – Sam Adlard (Honours). Conservation genetics of the Tasmanian endemic Eucalyptus barberi. Now teaching science and maths grades 7-12 and working at a boarding school as a residential tutor, supervising, tutoring and doing holiday camps.

2012 – David Blackburn (PhD). Improvement of Eucalyptus nitens for sawn-board, veneer and paper products. Now Project Research Officer at UTAS.

2012 – Corey Hudson (PhD). Mapping, QTL and population genomics in eucalypts. (Honours 2007 – Genetic studies of the Eucalyptus gunniiarcheri complex and related species on the Central Plateau). Now Research Scientist with Tasmanian Alkaloids.

2012 – Peter Harrison (Honours). The population genetics of Eucalyptus cordata. Now PhD student at UTAS.

2012 – Carmen Whiteley (Honours). The relative importance of genetics and environment in shaping the foliar community phenotype of Eucalyptus globulus. Now Policy Officer for Grain Growers.

2011 – Sara Hadjigol  (MSc). Evidence for natural selection acting on genes affecting lignin and cellulose biosynthesis in Eucalyptus globulus. Now a Ph.D. Student at the University of Newcastle.

2011 – Kieren Rix (PhD). Genetic and environmental factors affecting the germination of Eucalyptus globulus seed. Now Variations Officer in the Graduate Research Office within the Office of Research Services at UTAS.

2010 – Des Stackpole (PhD). Genetic parameters of the physical and chemical wood properties of cool temperate eucalypts.

2010 – Alex Matthews (Honours). Evolutionary processes in the Tasmanian alpine white gum complex.

2009 – Rebecca Jones (PhD). Molecular evolution and genetic control of flowering in Eucalyptus globulus species complex. (Honours 2000 – Morphological and molecular variation in the Eucalyptus globulus Labill. complex).  Now Postdoctoral Fellow at UTAS.

2009 – Benjamin Gosney (MSc). Linking host genetic variation with dependent communities: The case of Eucalyptus globulus. Now PhD student at UTAS.

2009 – Justin Bloomfield (Honours). Genetic diversity in Tasmanian Eucalyptus obliqua. Now PhD student at Southern Cross University.

2009 – Cate Hirst (Honours). Spectral and morphological variation within the Eucalyptus gunnii-archeri and the closely related E. urnigera on the Central Plateau.

2009 – Zach Holmes (Honours). Genetic control of leaf flammability in Eucalyptus globulus.

2008 – Shaun Suitor (PhD). Factors affecting capsule and seed set in Eucalyptus globulus seed orchards.

2008 – Sascha Wise (Honours). Marker development for Eucalyptus nitens in the Tasmanian landscape. Currently living in Brisbane studying to become a physiotherapist, whilst still maintaining a keen interest in the field of genetics.

2008 – Juan Carlos Valencia (MSc). Application of non-destructive evaluation techniques to the prediction of solid-wood suitability of Eucalyptus nitens plantation grown under a range of thinning strategies.

2007 – Prue Loney (PhD). Links between ontogeny, chemical and physical characteristics of foliage and mammalian herbivory in Eucalyptus nitens. Now Communications Adviser, Australian High Commission to the United Kingdom.

2007 – Mathew Hamilton (PhD). The genetic improvement of Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens for solid wood production. Now Quantitative Geneticist with CSIRO Agriculture.

2007 – Marian Wiltshire  (née McGowen) (PhD). Genetic control of reproductive traits in Eucalyptus globulus. Marian Wiltshire (Honours 2000 – Clinal variation in the yellow gum complex). Now Communications Manager for Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System.

2007 – Michelle Storer (Honours). Relative influence of host plant genetics on a macrofungal log decay community.

2006 – Fiona Poke (PhD). Genetic variation in the wood chemistry of Eucalyptus globulus. (Honours 2001 – Lignin biosynthesis genes in Eucalyptus).

2006 – Natasha Wiggins (PhD). Effects of plant secondary chemistry on foraging behaviour of mammalian herbivores.

2006 – Jules Freeman (PhD). Linkage map and QTL analysis in Eucalyptus globulus. (Honours 1999 – Phylogeography of Eucalyptus globulus). Now Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UTAS.

2006 – Alison Miller (PhD). Vunerability of a focal plant to browsing by generalist mammalian herbivores: relative importance of self and neighbours.

2005 – Greg Dutkowski (PhD). Improved models for the prediction of breeding values in trees. Now Quantitative Geneticist with PlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd.

2005 – Tim Jones (PhD). Population genetics of native and domesticated Eucalyptus globulus. (Honours 1999 – Genetic variation in suceptibility of Eucalyptus globulus to insect pests and the role of foliar chemicals in resistance). Now Chief Cider Maker at Willy Smith Organic Cider.

2005 – Simon Whittock (PhD). Across-rotation factors affecting genetic improvement of Eucalyptus globulus. (Honours 2000 – Chloroplast DNA phylogenetic reconstruction of Eucalyptus L’Hérit., Myrtaceae). Now hop breeder with HPA.

2005 – Yvonne Otahal (Honours). Gene flow from Eucalyptus globulus plantations.

2005 – Jon Humphreys (Honours). Genetic variation and rapid analysis of defensive chemistry in E. globulus.

2005 – James Marthick (Honours). The phylogeography of two eucalypts. Now Senior Research Assistant, Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

2005 – Anthony Mann (Honours). Variation in Eucalyptus morrisbyi: associations between leaf attributes and resistance to a marsupial herbivore.

2004 – Gay McKinnon (PhD). Reticulate evolution in the Tasmanian eucalypts. Now Illustrator.

2004 – Robert Barbour (PhD). Gene flow from introduced Eucalyptus plantations into native eucalypt species. (Honours  1999 – Gene flow between native and planted eucalypts).

2004 – Julianne O’Reilly (PhD). The phenotypic and genetic basis of browsing resistance of Eucalyptus globulus to marsupial herbivores. Now Deputy Director, Research Development
Office of Research Services at UTAS.

2004 – Luke Rapley (PhD). Eucalyptus globulus leaf chemistry and variation to insect attack.

2004 – Rachel King (PhD). The role of historical and contemporary processes in structuring genetic variation in a eucalypt species complex.

2003 – Peter Bundock (PhD).  Genome mapping and QTL analysis in Eucalyptus globulus. Now Research Fellow at Southern Cross University.

2003 – Damien Rathbone (Honours). Genetic differentiation in a regionally rare eucalypt, Eucalyptus perriniana.

2002 – Peter Volker (PhD). Quantitative genetics of Eucalyptus globulus, E. nitens and their F1 hybrid. Now Chief Forest Practices Officer at the Forest Practices Authority.

2002 – Gustavo Lopez (PhD). Quantitative genetics and breeding of Eucalyptus globulus. Now Corporate Head of Forest Improvement at Sinarmas Forestry, Indonesia

2002 – Leanne Pound (PhD). Self-incompatibility in Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens.

2002 – Susan Foster (Honours). Local differentiation in Eucalyptus globulus.

2000 – Andrew Hingston (PhD). Pollination ecology of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. subsp. globulus and Eucalyptus nitens (Deane & Maiden) Maiden (Myrtaceae).

2000 – Michelle Watson (Honours). Seed and seedling quality in Eucalyptus globulus.

1999 – Claire Turner(Honours). Eucalyptus risdonii rules.

1999 – Dean  Williams (PhD). Flowering and seed production in Eucalyptus nitens. Now Manager, Forest Management Services, Forestry Tasmania.

1994 – Paula Chambers (Honours). An examination of the natural variation and genetic control of survival in Eucalyptus globulus ssp. globulus, and implications of incorporating survival in selection.

1998 – Rachel Lawrence (Honours). The response of dependent communities to ontogenetic and genetic change in Eucalyptus: The case of the Eucalyptus globulus x nitens hybrid system.

1997 – Heidi Dungey (PhD). The susceptibility of hybrid eucalypts to pests.  (Honours 1991 – Hybridisation in between Eucalyptus nitens and E. globulus). Now Leader of Genetic Research Programs, Scion, New Zealand.

1997 – Craig Hardner (PhD). Inbreeding in three forest eucalypts. (Honours 1992 –  Some aspects of inbreeding in Eucalyptus globulus).  Now Research Fellow at the University of Queensland.

1997 – Hamish Jackson (Honours).  Variation in the chloroplast DNA of Eucalyptus globulus.

1997 – Corinna Kelly (Honours). An examination of the natural variation and genetic control of relative bark thickness in Eucalyptus globulus ssp. globulus.

1996 – Katherine Nesbitt (PhD). The use of RAPD technology in Eucalyptus globulus. (Honours 1991 – The development of RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) techniques in Eucalyptus globulus).

1995 – Michelle Sale (PhD).  Relationships in Eucalyptus using chloroplast DNA.

1995 – Martin Tyson (Honours).  The determination of size and the estimation of age of genotypes in a mallee eucalypt stand.

1995 – Matt Hayden (Honours).  Mapping QTLs for growth, flowering and wood properties in Eucalyptus globulus.

1994 – Steven Ogbourne (Honours). Differential display as a means of identifying differentially expressed genes between juvenile and mature foliage of Eucalyptus globulus. Now  Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, University of the Sunshine Coast.

1993 – Andrea Manson (Honours). Character inheritance and success in artificial hybrids if Eucalyptus gunnii and E. globulus.

1992- Paul Chalmers (Honours). The adaptive significance of juvenile versus adult leaves in Eucalyptus globulus.

1991 – Robert Wiltshire (PhD). Heterochrony and heteroblasty in the Eucalyptus risdonii Hook.F./ E. tenuiramis Miq. complex.  Now Senior Lecturer at UTAS.

1991 – Anne McEntee (Honours).  Variation and hybridisation in Eucalyptus barberi.

1990 – Jon Marsden-Smedley (Honours). Ecology of moor-copse boundaries in South West Tasmanian oligotrophic environments.

1984 – Michael Shaw (Honours). Variation within and between Eucalyptus coccifera and E. nitens.

1981 – Ian Macleod (Honours). Seed germination in five species of eucalypts.